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8 Hour Traffic School Approved for Online Delivery

If you live in the state of Florida, you may have been requested by an officer of the court to take a traffic school course because you received a moving violation. There's great news for Florida drivers, though - Orlando Traffic School offers an 8 hour online traffic school that is fully approved for use in place of the traditional classroom-based 8 hour traffic school. Rather than rearrange your busy schedule and find the time to lose an entire day among strangers and one bored instructor, you now have the opportunity to complete your obligations from the comfort of home, in as many sessions as you'd like.

The Convenience of the Online Program

The courses offered by NDSS are convenient in several ways. First, you can register and enroll in a class anytime you want, including right now. All you need are your court documents, your driver's license, and a credit card to process payment online. Five minutes from now, you could be making progress toward completing your coursework. There's no time like the present! In addition, we don't require you to be online at a particular time of day, so you can work on the 8 hour online traffic school material anytime you want. If you're a night owl, you can "begin class" at midnight if you'd like! Our 8 hour traffic school is in session 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can jump in and out of the course as you please.

8 Hour Online Traffic School

Another great thing about the 8 hour traffic school offered by NDSS is that we're not just any time, we're anywhere as well. You won't be installing the course on your computer - it's all web-based. That means you can be at home, at the office, at the university computer lab, or even at the public library, working on your class. How many 8 hour online traffic school courses have you heard of that don't even require you to own your own computer? Register today!

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